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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Beachmere Floods And The Locals Want It Fixed

  Neil delivers a simple message in the 101.5fm studio: "12 years of Neglect."

  Beachmere has a drainage problem that causes the area to flood. Residents have been calling on the Moreton Bay Regional Council for action with little or no response.

  The 40 residents of Beachmere packed the Council gallery and called for Council to take action on their drainage and flooding problems.

  The residents supported community representatives who described how their properties in the northern Beachmere area have been flooded for many weeks.

  “It was a great display of community spirit by a group of united and committed residents – we need to hear what they are saying,” Cr Chris Whiting said.

  “Their presentation shows that community spirit and collective community action is still alive and well in our region.

  “They were passionate and articulate, and showed us they need Council to step in and help them out,” Cr Whiting said.

  Three residents stepped up to the microphone during a five minute Community Comment in the Council meeting, and others stood the gallery and added their comments.

  Cr Whiting also presented submissions from Dale St residents in Burpengary who are requesting Council help to mitigate future flood damage to their properties.

  He also successfully moved motions for reports to come to Council on a possible drain maintenance project in northern Beachmere, and on suggestions raised by the Dale St residents.

  Watch the video below to see what Neil has to say.