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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Local Clubs Need Your Help

HARD TIMES: Caboolture BMX Club president Phil Cooper needs our help to rebuild.
HARD TIMES: Caboolture BMX Club president Phil Cooper needs our help to rebuild.
FLOOD-RAVAGED Caboolture BMX Club has sent out an SOS for canteen equipment as it prepares to host the Southern Zone Shootout.
The embattled club faces a $70,000 damage bill after the January 11 flood engulfed its Centenary Lakes base.
The club is one of many across Greater Brisbane that is in need of a helping hand. Click here to find out how you can help through Quest Community Newspapers’ Kickstart campaign.
Everything at the BMX club, from the track to the canteen, paperwork and memorabilia, was destroyed when the Caboolture River burst its banks.
It was not the start to its 30th year the popular club had hoped for, but a working bee at the weekend has boosted spirits.

Club members and volunteers readied the track for the February 26 shootout, which is expected to attract hundreds of riders and their families.
It was feared the event would be moved to Pine Rivers because of damage to the track, for which the club had just finished paying off a $30,000 resurfacing bill.
Caboolture BMX Club president Phil Cooper said: ``We are definitely on. The only thing that can hold us up is if we don’t get the stuff for the canteen or if it floods again.’‘
Damage to the club’s canteen alone came to nearly $20,000. The club is in desperate need of a freezer, fridge, drinks fridge, hotbox and deep-fryer to ensure its canteen is ready.
Other users of Centenary Lakes are also in need of support.
Caboolture Netball needs office supplies, first-aid supplies and boxes of A4 paper.
Caboolture Little Athletics requires electrical equipment, kitchen items, food and office supplies, and Caboolture tennis needs fans, a pie warmer, barbecue grill, sandwich toaster and paper.
How you can help:
Caboolture Netball Association: Centenary Lakes. Requirements: Office supplies, first aid supplies, boxes of A4 paper. Contact: Greg Sonter: 0439 727 414.
Caboolture BMX Club: Centenary Lakes. Requirements: freezer, fridge, drinks fridge, hotbox, deep-fryer. Contact: Phil Cooper: 0401 876 788.
Caboolture Little Athletics: Centenary Lakes. Requirements:Electrical equipment, kitchen items, food, office supplies. Contact: Ray Totoro: 0427 637 929.
Caboolture Tennis Association: Centenary Lakes. Requirements: Fans, pie warmer, barbecue grill, sandwich toaster, paper. Contact: Margaret Luske: 5495 8172.