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Thursday, March 10, 2011

A carbon tax to keep us warm at night?

The harsh reality of the carbon tax is hitting home to local residents who will be forced to immediately pay an extra 6.5 cents per litre at the bowser, and even more later, under Labor’s carbon tax.

But fuel is not the only way we will be impacted.  Wyatt Roy, Federal Member for Longman is taking up the fight against the carbon tax and is disgusted about Julia Gillard and Labor’s back-flip on her promise not to introduce a carbon tax.
Mr Roy is urging residents to sign the petition against Labor’s carbon tax.

“I am fighting the carbon tax and want people to join me, by signing the petition to stop the carbon tax.

“This does not just impact on families; every small business will be faced with these extra costs. 
Small businesses and families will face the brunt of this assault everyday as they pay more for essential services such as fuel electricity and groceries.

“Essential living costs will all skyrocket under the carbon tax, we will be paying more for items we need,” said Mr Roy.

“I am asking the government how it can possibly have a guilt free conscience when pensioners are going without electricity, just so they can afford to pay their bills.

“Last week in Parliament I spoke out against the carbon tax – and what it will do to us here in the Moreton Bay Region,” Mr Roy said.

The petition to stop the carbon tax is available in Wyatt’s office at 260 Morayfield Road.  For more information contact Wyatt’s office on 5428 7555 or at