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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

An Evening of Entertainment, History and Milkshakes for the LFCB

Members of the Leukemia Foundation Caboolture Branch (LFCB) enjoyed an evening of entertainment, history and milkshakes hosted by Member for Morayfield Mark Ryan.

During the night, Sinead Burgess the local Light The Night ambassador, and the others enjoyed many pleasant surprises. Driven to Parliament House in the new Woodford community bus by Mike Wallis, the party were greeted by, Mr Ryan, who took them on an exclusive, two hour, tour of the building. 

This tour was proceeded by a surprise meeting and photo opportunity with the Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Events took an even brighter turn with Queensland Premier Anna Bligh presenting a surprise award to Sinead Burgess, in recognition for the song she wrote and performed in honour of the Queensland flood victims “Rise Above the Tide” (see the video below).

Mary Yates, Tina Murnane, Rebecca Marychurch,
Michael Wallis, Melinda Adams, Sue Baker,
Middle: Mark Ryan, member for Morayfield,
Sinead Burgess LTN Ambassador, Jane McMillan,
 Deanne Baker, Rebecca Baker, Elke Moroz, PM Julia Gillard,
Courtney Kreisch, Jodie Kreisch, Aidan Kreish, John Adams,
Front Row: Kelci Granger, Danielle Kriesch, Dani O'Neal,
Lauren Johannsen. Photo courtesy: Montrose 

Mark Ryan toasted the LFCB with the famous Parliament House milkshakes, praising their hard work and dedication.

LFCB President, Jane McMillian, stated that everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. 

"There was not really any bit that was better then the rest, oh except for Mark spilling a milkshake down the front of his suit," Ms McMillan said with a chuckle.

"And of course Sinead receiving the award, everyone went home with smiles on their faces." 

Ms McMillan went onto acknowledging the priceless value of the local community’s unwavering support during the recent World's Greatest Shave. 

"In a year in which they have already experienced so much hardship, the Caboolture community managed to raise an impressive $60,000 for the Worlds Great Shave." 

"Although I'm not surprised with this figure, I am humbled by the the constant generosity and warmth expressed by the community I call home. 

"The cherry on top is the eight people that chose to donate their hair for wigs," Ms McMillan said.

Mr Wallis, now with the new community bus having made its maiden voyage, has been campaigning for this bus for some time.

"Events like this reinforce the value of a community bus for non-profit and profit organisations," Mr Wallis said. "The support of Councillor Adrian Raedel, Mayor Allen Sutherland, local police officers, community organisations and numerous community members are helping to make this dream a reality."

Anyone wishing to contribute in any way to the Leukemia foundation should contact Jane McMillan on 0422 584080 or on facebook at Leukey Bear.