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Friday, April 1, 2011

Leaked Press Release - Mobile Tollways

Update 1.00pm: April Fools Day. A government source leaked the following press release to 101.5Fm.

Embargoed – For release 15-07-2011
Mobile Tollways – State Roads

Today marks the introduction of a new exciting user pays Mobile Tollways system.

The Mobile Tollways have been touted as the best way of reducing car numbers as well as raising much needed revenue to assist in the upgrading of the state roads network.

This is already being done in the UK, although the camera technology is fixed.

A spokesman for the Company involved in the project says: “the Mobile Tollways can be set up on a road that has been targeted and all vehicles using that road will be charged a toll.”

For example the D’Aguilar highway has been earmarked for Mobile Tollway use from Monday to Wednesdays each week.

The fee for Mobile Tollways will be set at $2 for  Bikes, $3 for Cars, $4 Trucks and $6 for articulated vehicles.

Other roads that have been earmarked are Bribie Island Road, Ted Smout Memorial Bridge, Strathpine Road and Anzac Avenue.

The Motoring bodies have condemned the Tollways however Environmental groups have strongly welcomed the move.