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Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Tribute To Our Modern Modern War Veterans

The harsh reality of war is repeated across countless generations; the enemy may change and our weapons gain momentum in their technology but the fear and fierce bravery of our soldiers stays constant.

A strong Australian accent punctuates the poignant phrases in the painfully honest song “War” by John Lynam. Written in early 2009, after meeting a young veteran by the name of Beau, John Lynam pays tribute to our modern veterans. 

“I had written War after a week of shows on Norfolk Island in 2009,” John said. “While I was there I met a young Aussie lad at one of the shows after he requested Only 19 by Redgum." 

"I was watching him during the song - I could clearly see it meant so much to him. 

"After that nights show he came up to thank me for playing it for him.” 

John had the privilege of catching up with this young man, Beau, a few nights later. 

“Beau revealed he had not long returned from Afghanistan, I could see that fear still in his eyes," John continued his recount of events. "He also made it clear he would never leave Australian shores again.”

The impact of war is far deeper then any media can portray. Soldiers feel it for the rest of their lives, the demons within and around are continually in battle. It’s amazing how a song, Only 19, released in 1983 resonates across a number of generations.

John’s contemporary lyrics resonate strongly across the numerous generations of Australians sent to war, reflecting the respect that many non-serving Australians feel.