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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Owl Eyes Flys Onto The Radar

STILL in her teens, Owl Eyes first introduced Australia to her honey-sweet voice through Australian Idol in 2008 at seventeen.

Regardless of a controversial elimination out of the top twelve, Brooke adopted her moniker Owl Eyes and compiled her own EPs. It’s now coming onto winter, and this owl isn’t heading into hibernation any time soon.

Already begun, Owl Eyes is touring alongside Darwin Deez. Although only a supporting artist, Owl Eyes is given the opportunity to remind Australia of her wistful, light, dreamy pop-indie tune.

Working with producer Jan Skubiszewski, who has worked with bands such as The Cat Empire, Owl Eyes’ previous and new EP becomes a masterpiece for her sound. The lyrics can be interpreted in many different ways, depending on the person and the story of their life. “Faces,” her first EP, was released after she came out as Owl Eyes in “It Can Wait,” sung by Australian hip hop artist, Illy. Her new album, with lead single “Raiders,” promises her familiar genre will remain in her music.

Speaking to her, you can tell she is an upbeat young woman who enjoys her music. Name dropping bands such as Cloud Control it becomes evident that she herself is supportive of the Australian independent music genre.

Get yourself acquainted Owl Eyes by listening to the interview between her and Kristina on Saturday, during 4pm-6pm.