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Thursday, October 13, 2011

ENERGEX issues storm power safety warning

The Bureau of Meteorology has advised ENERGEX of a dangerous storm heading for South East Queensland.

The areas closest to the current storm activity include Dayboro, Greenbank and the Beaudesert area.

The storm is likely to produce damaging high winds, heavy rainfall, flash flooding, hail and lightning.

ENERGEX is urging home and business owners to take a look around their properties and tidy up any loose items.

Items such as outdoor furniture can become dangerous missiles when left outside during high winds so where possible store these safely in a secure place.

ENERGEX is also encouraging people to ensure they have a torch with fresh batteries and keep a radio handy to monitor storm information.

ENERGEX emergency response crews are on standby and ready to respond to any interruptions caused by expected severe weather and will restore any power issues as soon as it is safe to do so.

If members of the public see any powerlines brought down or damaged they are urged to call the ENERGEX emergency line on 1319 62 and stay clear.

ENERGEX asks south east Queenslanders to remain patient if they suffer a power interruption and to contact 13 62 62 for electricity restoration updates.

The ENERGEX website’s storm page has been activated and can be viewed at Customers can also follow ENERGEX on Twitter and Facebook for updates.