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Friday, October 14, 2011

Government shifts blame on solar payment to local business

The future of solar businesses is still unsure as the Government continues to shift blame for payment for solar rebates. 

A response to Mr Roy’s enquiries to the Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, about local business Solar Panel Express, highlighted the government’s efforts to distance itself from the issue, claiming that it was “not the Government” who was responsible for reimbursing businesses. 

“The Minister simply said that Solar Panel Express, and others like it, will either have to wait for the payment – without giving any indication of a timeline – or face the prospect of on-selling their debt,” said Mr Roy.

“Given the problems that the government is having keeping their financial commitments to pay these rebates, these certificates will not be a hot commodity – and doubtless the business would loose substantial money if they were to on-sell.” 

“It is this kind of flagrant disregard for local small businesses which got this government into this situation in the first place,” Mr Roy said. 

“I have been told to expect that it will take another 2 years before I am paid,” Mr Montgomery said. 

“Fortunately Solar Panel Express will be able to withstand the delay for payment, but why should we have to? I know many others who are not in a position to wait for their money,” Mr Montgomery said. 

“These businesses have done nothing wrong, why are they being punished for the Government’s inability to meet financial commitments? Many of these businesses will be forced to the wall if this continues for much longer,” said Mr Roy.