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Friday, October 28, 2011

Letter To The Station: Carryn Sullivan

I have just read the Member for Pumicestone's Budget Reply speech, and thank Carryn Sullivan for the tremendous insight the speech offers.

The speech opens with the statement that her opponent has been too busy making money for the past 10 years "to know what is going on in the local community". Shock, horror, how outrageous Carryn that someone has actually had to work for a living! I would have thought that working in a relatively small island based business would at least equip Ms France with a pretty fair knowledge of how local businesses are struggling in the current economic climate.

By natural extension of the member's argument, anyone therefore who works on the Island is also ignorant of what's happening, not a big wrap for her electorate.

The member also at every opportunity stresses she's lived on Bribie for 26 years and therefore has her hand on the pulse of the community. Her recent gaff on the funding boost for Family Haven that wasn't in fact a funding boost is the latest in a number of issues that would suggest otherwise (remember the Caboolture Hospital crisis).

For sake of brevity, the speech also highlights that Ms France is a real estate agent (Yes Carryn as I was, but that's another story). What is that supposed to mean? Real Estate agents I presume are not ranked very highly on Mrs Sullivan's list of worthy professions. I would suggest to the member the ranking in most people's minds would be close to that of politicians!

Rod Kilner
Banksia Beach