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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Letter To The Station: Family Haven

I am really annoyed at Labor’s Carryn Sullivan’s misleading articles in the papers that say that Family Haven have received a $360 703 funding boost when in fact they received no boost and simply had their operating budget reannounced.

Her statement ‘this shows the Queensland Government is doing everything it can to support people at risk of becoming homeless’ couldn’t be further from the truth. If the Labor Member was serious about dealing with the homeless issue in her electorate maybe she would have called or dropped into Family Haven and discussed the problem with them sometime over the last few years.

Maybe she could of asked them just how they provide crisis accommodation and assistance to 788 adults and 300 children on just $15 000 a year?

If she had of bothered to speak to someone at Family Haven she would know that the funding boost she talks about is a re-announcement of the operating budget that pays the rent, staff, photocopiers, phones etc and that the Haven haven’t received any boost despite the number of homeless increasing dramatically.

If the Labor Member was familiar with what goes on in her electorate she would know that we have families sleeping in tents on the river bank, people living on the streets, under bridges and at the train station yet we have housing commission properties sitting vacant. It is ridiculous that we have Government housing sitting vacant and people desperately needing a place to sleep but the red tape put in place by this Government means that they have to ring a service provider up on the Sunshine Coast and wait for them to come down and make an assessment before these people can be housed … during working hours of course.

The work Family Haven do is exceptional and without them there would be no emergency housing in the Caboolture area. This group has been dealing with the ever increasing problem of homelessness in our area for 25 years and have been told by the Labor Government that this is the last year of their funding. Does that sound like a Government that, as they say, ‘is doing everything it can to support people at risk of becoming homeless’?

Keep up the great work Family Haven and your volunteers, hopefully soon you will have a local member and government that support you.

Lisa France

Lisa France
LNP Candidate for Pumicestone