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Friday, December 2, 2011

Fireworks - Don’t Be Blind to the Danger

People caught using illegal fireworks or other explosive devices during New Year celebrations can expect to face the full force of the law, State Member for Morayfield, Mark Ryan MP said today.

Mr Ryan said bans on unlicensed people buying, selling, using or possessing fireworks in Queensland had been in place since 1972.

“Despite the ban, some people still use illegal fireworks and they’re exposing themselves and people around them to serious injury,” said Mr Ryan.

“We’ve had fireworks accidents in the past in Queensland where a man lost his finger, and a boy lost his eye.

“Explosives inspectors warn that anyone caught using illegal fireworks will be prosecuted.

The penalties are severe – up to $30,000 or six months’ imprisonment.

“Illegal fireworks are generally of poor quality and can be particularly dangerous when used by people with no training or experience.

“Only licensed fireworks contractors can legally buy and use fireworks at organised displays.”

Mr Ryan said anyone with information relating to the illegal sale or use of fireworks should pass the information onto police.

Around 150 people are prosecuted each year under the Explosives Act 1999 for possessing or using fireworks without a licence.