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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

MBRC Says No to Violence Against Women

Say no to violence against women - Moreton Bay
councillors pledge their support for the
White Ribbon Day Campaign.
Moreton Bay Regional Council has become the first in Australia to say no to violence with councillors pledging their support for the White Ribbon Day Campaign.

Mayor of Moreton Bay Regional Council, Allan Sutherland, said councillors had signed an official White Ribbon Day Pledge to raise awareness and encourage the community to say no to violence against women and children.

“As councillors it is our job to lead our community and to foster healthy and positive relationships,” Mayor Sutherland said.

“Violence of any kind should not be tolerated and I hope residents of the Moreton Bay Region will join with their local councillor to make our community a safer place to live.”

According to the White Ribbon Day Campaign, almost one in three women will experience violence by a current or previous partner during their lifetime with more than 1,000 women and girls assaulted daily in Australia. Only one in every ten assaults is reported.

Executive Director of Australia’s CEO Challenge, Wendy Reid, who co-ordinates the White Ribbon campaign in Queensland, is calling on communities to take action and end the violence against women.

“It’s time to break the silence surrounding this insidious epidemic and bring it into the light where it can challenged,” she said. 

“I thank the Moreton Bay Councillors for stepping up, raising awareness of the cause and discussing the issue with their peers.”

Moreton Bay Regional Council’s elected representatives made the pledge during Tuesday’s council meeting at Strathpine.

For further information regarding White Ribbon Day this Friday, visit: