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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

No Paid Shopping Centre Car Parking in MBRC

Moreton Bay Regional Council is taking action to block the spread of paid parking to major shopping centres in the region. 

Mayor Allan Sutherland said a Temporary Local Planning Instrument was being prepared by council as a matter of urgency to prevent shopping centres charging motorists for parking, as suggested by the Minister for Local Government and Special Minister of State, Paul Lucas.   

“Moreton Bay Regional Council is united and determined to do what ever it can to stop a repeat of the Chermside experience here in the Moreton Bay Region,” Mayor Sutherland said. 

“Paid parking in shopping centres has the very real potential to have an adverse impact on the local economy and the lifestyle of residents."  

Mayor Sutherland said the introduction of a Temporary Local Planning Instrument would deliver certainty for shopping centre customers and ensure existing free parking arrangements remained in place.  

A Temporary Local Planning Instrument is a planning control that has the ability to over ride the current planning scheme for a period of up to a year.  

“It will stop major shopping centres in the Moreton Bay Region charging for parking before permanent amendments to council’s planning policy, or state legislation, can be introduced," the Mayor said.  

“I have no problem with shopping centres putting strategies in place to control all day unauthorised parking, but paid parking is not the solution. 

“You need only look to the chaos unfolding around Chermside to realise paid shopping centre parking is bad for business.  

“I’m not prepared to stand by and let it happen here.” 

With the support of the Minister for Local Government, Moreton Bay Regional Council’s Temporary Local Planning Instrument could be operational by Christmas.