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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Preparations underway for possible minor flood releases from North Pine, Wivenhoe and Somerset dams

Seqwater’s Flood Control Centre has been mobilised as a precaution and as preparations get underway for possible controlled minor gate releases from North Pine, Wivenhoe and Somerset dams.

North Pine Dam and catchment
Average rainfall has been in the order of 30 millimetres and it is likely that a minor flood release will be necessary from North Pine Dam within the next 24 hours commencing this evening. Potential impacts might include the closure of Youngs Crossing on Youngs Crossing Road.  However if a release becomes necessary, Seqwater will aim to release only during the night for a limited period in order to minimise disruption to traffic.  

Wivenhoe and Somerset dams
The catchment average rainfall over the last 24 hours for the Wivenhoe Dam catchment has been less than 20 millimetres.  Inflows are continuing into Somerset Dam, above Wivenhoe, and these inflows will in turn be moved in a controlled way into Wivenhoe Dam via cone valves. As part of normal operations releases from the dam have increased to around 1200 megalitres per day through the hydroelectric plant. 
A minor gate release may be necessary from Wivenhoe Dam if there is additional significant rainfall and this would not be likely to commence before mid morning tomorrow and would likely affect the Twin Bridges River Crossing.  
The following passive dams (non-gated) are also currently spilling as part of their normal dam operations. 

Storages currently spilling (as of this morning) 
  • Cedar Pocket Dam 
  • Ewan Maddock Dam 
  • Gold Creek Dam 
  • Lake MacDonald Dam 
  • Wappa Dam. 
Seqwater, as part of the Water Grid, is working with local councils regarding the above  and the likely impacts which are being managed in accordance with approved flood management plans. 

Residents should contact their respective Councils for any further information about possible impacts in their local area.