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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Moreton Bay Regional Council Requests Stay

  Moreton Bay Regional Council has asked the Queensland Government to delay the release of site valuations by 12 months, to help ease the impact of recent flooding. 

  Mayor Allan Sutherland said the State Government’s Land Valuation 2010 Act introduced an annual valuation cycle so every property would be valued each year, except in unusual circumstances.

  “The floods have created unusual circumstances throughout South-East Queensland and we're asking the government to delay the release of valuations to help give our residents a level of financial certainty this year,” Mayor Sutherland said.

  The Mayor said while increases to land valuations did not automatically result in a corresponding increase in rates, changes in land valuations may cause some residents added uncertainty about future household expenses.

  “Many residents have already had a difficult start to 2011, and even those not directly impacted by flooding have incurred extra expense to assist others in need.

  “We recognise that the last thing our residents want is news of changes to the value of their properties.”

Council will write to the State Government’s Department of Environment and Resource Management to ask for the delay.

  Land values in Moreton Bay Region were assessed in 2010, which formed the foundations for the alignment of council rates across the region.