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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Limit Remains On Bellthorpe’s Gap Road

Moreton Bay Regional Council has issued a reminder that  the temporary access section of Gap Road at Bellthorpe currently has a five-tonne vehicle limit.

Division 12 Councillor Adrian Raedel said he had received reports that heavier trucks had used the access road.

“This is particularly alarming, because our engineers have advised us that for safety reasons, vehicles using this temporary access should not be more than five tonnes,” he said.

“Council put the temporary access in place after the December and January rains caused road slippages in the Bellthorpe area so that residents had access to their homes, but it is only a temporary fix until we can provide a more permanent solution.

“The current Gap Road access isn’t designed for heavy vehicle use.”

Councillor Raedel said council was seeking interest from contractors for a permanent fix for Gap Road.

Bellthorpe Range Road, which has been closed since the beginning of the year is expected to remain closed for at least another three months.