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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lower Rates

A comparison of council rates and charges across South East Queensland has found on average residential owner occupier ratepayers are better off in the Moreton Bay Region. 

Moreton Bay Regional Council Mayor, Allan Sutherland, said the analysis highlighted that amalgamation had delivered value for money for the region with average rates for owner occupiers well below cost of living increases. 

“It’s no secret the cost of just about everything has gone through the roof, that’s why my council has been focussed on reducing costs and helping ratepayers to balance the household budget,” Mayor Sutherland said. 

“The figures speak for themselves with operational savings of $100 million over four years helping to peg average rate increases to 2.86 percent per year compared with an average inflation rate of 3.62 percent and the Local Government Cost Index which is running at 4.59 percent. 

“In fact many residential owner occupiers are actually paying less in rates than they did four years ago. 

“We’ve achieved that while maintaining the services ratepayers expect and delivering record spending on capital works.” 

The Mayor said new figures released today showed the Moreton Bay Region had the lowest average total rates and charges for the current financial year of any urban South East Queensland council. 

“There’s no doubt in my mind Moreton Bay has achieved the best rates result for its residents of any council not only in South East Queensland, but the entire state," Mayor Sutherland said. 

Corporate Services Chair, Cr Bob Millar, said the strong result for ratepayers had been delivered despite some serious external challenges. 

“From water reform and natural disasters to the Global Financial Crisis and the loss of some $62 million in state government subsidies, we’ve had just about everything but the kitchen sink thrown at us, on top of amalgamation,” Cr Millar said. 

“The results speak volumes and are clear evidence of this council’s strong financial management. 

“Despite the impact of natural disasters earlier this year, the review shows Moreton Bay Regional Council is on track to deliver dollar for dollar the best set of books possible for our ratepayers.”