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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Morayfield Skate Park CCTV

Moreton Bay Regional Council is considering the roll out of permanent closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras at Morayfield’s Sheep Station Creek Skate Park. 
Mayor Allan Sutherland said the proposed camera roll out would be considered in next year's budget deliberations in the wake of ongoing vandalism at the skate park. 

“Sheep Station Creek Skate Park is known to council and police as an area that’s prone to vandalism and I’ve had enough of it,” the Mayor said. 

“I wish there was no need for CCTV cameras at Sheep Station Creek Skate Park but experience demonstrates there is. 

“The proposed CCTV camera roll out is about giving the skate park back to the community and I make no apology for that.” 

Deputy Mayor and Division Three councillor, Greg Chippendale, said council had recently spent $25,000 on cleaning up vandalism at the skate park. 

"Many legitimate skaters are giving the park a wide berth, particularly now that we've had to unplug the lights because of repeated and malicious damage to the electrical swtichboard," the Deputy Mayor said.   

"It's lucky nobody was electrocuted. 

"Police are also investigating the theft of a mobile camera which was stolen from the top of a four metre pole. 

"Close up images captured by the camera have been sent to police to help them with their investigation, but clearly this sort of behaviour just isn't acceptable.   

“That’s why I'm keen to start planning now to have the skate park monitored in real time and provide a real deterrent to crime."  

Anybody who witnesses vandalism should contact council and police immediately.