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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Safety First Before Firing up the BBQ

With the festive season almost in full swing, Queenslanders are being urged to check gas bottles and fittings before firing up their BBQ. 

State Member for Morayfield, Mark Ryan MP said gas bottles should be regularly inspected. 

“If there’s any sign of rust or damage, don’t take any risks. Dispose of it safely,” Mr Ryan said. 

“Barbecue fittings and hoses should also be checked for any signs of fraying, cracking or splitting,” Mr Ryan said. 

“Make sure the gas bottle has been professionally tested in the past 10 years, and that the bottle has not reached its expiry date. 

“Check the gas bottle and the base of the cylinder for any sign of corrosion. If there are signs, it’s safer to dispose of the gas bottle. Contact the local council tip or a gas cylinder test station for details. 

“Check for gas leaks by brushing fittings with a soapy water solution after disconnecting and reconnecting any cylinders or gas hoses and equipment. Leaks will show up as bubbles.” 

Mr Ryan also urged people to take care when transporting gas cylinders in vehicles. 

“There have been incidents where portable gas cylinders have exploded in cars. Make sure gas cylinders remain upright during transportation and avoid extreme heat. Don’t leave the cylinder in the sun,” Mr Ryan said. 

“Care should also taken with 9kg gas cylinders. Cylinder filling outlets provide plastic plugs which are recommended for use when transporting the cylinders. 

“Once you’ve reached your destination, remove the gas cylinder from the vehicle as soon as possible,” said Mr Ryan. 

Mr Ryan said people should use reputable outlets for filling or exchanging gas bottles and never fill their own gas bottles.