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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Chris Whiting Predicted $78M Water Income for Council

Moreton Bay Regional Council yesterday confirmed that Council recieved $78M in revenue from UnityWater. 

The figure was revealed after mayoral candidate Chris Whiting questioned staff about the 2010/2011 financial results published yesterday in Council.

“This confirms what I have written - Council received $78M in income during 2010/2011 from our water business,” Cr Whiting said in a statement.

“Ironically the figure was revealed after the Mayor and Deputy Mayor attacked me and claimed I wasn't telling the truth about income from UnityWater. 

"The Mayor also revealed he will continue attacking me if I keep talking about the income we make from UnityWater. 

“That’s fine by me: it will only highlight we got $78M in revenue last financial year from UnityWater,” Cr Whiting said.