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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Response to RAG Wishlist #MBRCpoll

Cr Chris Whiting has released his initial response to the Ratepayers Action Group (RAG) wish list for Mayoral candidates in the 2012 Moreton Bay Council Elections.

Chris Whiting will:

  • commit to a maximum rate rise of 5% annually;
  • establish a Hardship Tribunal;
  • minimise the use of secret and confidential meetings; and 
  • introduce formal voting at Council meetings.
"There are many good initiatives in this list from the Ratepayers Action Group." Cr Whiting said.

"I will be examining more of their proposals in detail. 

"I have committed to these requests that are in line with the changes I am proposing for Council. 

"And that is an open and accountable Council, with better services to residents. 

"I Look forward to meeting with the Ratepayers Action Group to see what further common ground we have," Cr Whiting said.