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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Timely Reminder for Christmas Clean-up #4OURnews

Moreton Bay Regional Council is reminding local residents to get their homes ready for storm season.

Mayor Allan Sutherland said some long-range weather forecasts were predicting significant rainfall over the next few weeks, with a rain reprieve tipped for Christmas Day.

"Based on current forecasts from the weatherzone, we could expect up to 200 mm of rainfall from now until New Years," the Mayor said.

"When it is safe to do so, people should be taking care to clean up their yards, trim trees, unblock drains, gutters and check their roof for any leaks."

Mayor Sutherland said council recommended residents take four simple steps to get storm-ready.

"Know the risks of heavy rainfall and flooding around your property," the Mayor said.

"Be prepared with a household emergency plan about what you would do if a storm cut power, damaged your house or caused major flooding.

"Your emergency plan should include a kit of emergency phone numbers, a battery-operated radio, torch, spare batteries, food, bottled-water and first-aid kit.

"Stay alert and tune your battery-operated radio to 101.5FM for regular weather updates from the Bureau of Meteorology.

"You can log onto the bureau's website at any stage to get the latest weather warnings and advice -

"Be ready to move furniture off the ground, position sandbags or evacuate, if needed."

Mayor Sutherland said there are a number of resources on council's website to help you and your family prepare for the storm season -

"Moreton Bay Regional Council is also encouraging local residents to register with council's MoretonAlert system to receive alerts about possible flash flooding events via text, voice or e-mail message," the Mayor said.

"The Christmas break might provide the chance for you to get around to those jobs like checking the roof, cleaning up the yard and making sure emergency supplies are on hand in case the power goes out in a storm.

"While you're shopping, be sure to grab some batteries for your torch and radio, long-life food supplies, and some bottled water, just in case."