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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Beachmere Lake Stable

An electric aeration system has successfully stabilised Beachmere Lake but Mayor Allan Sutherland has warned more work will need to be done to rectify the artificial lake's significant construction flaws. 

“Beachmere Lake is the hub of a lovely beachside neighbourhood, but not nearly enough thought was put into the lake’s construction,” Mayor Sutherland said. 

“It simply wasn’t built to design twenty years ago and that’s the legacy Moreton Bay Regional Council is dealing with now. 

“I’m thrilled the aeration strategy has stabilised the lake, but it will take more time, work and money to keep it healthy and fix the builder’s mistakes.” 

Division Two councillor, Chris Whiting, said ongoing aeration of the lake had delivered consistent salinity levels and reduced water layering. 

“This is great news for the health of Beachmere Lake,” Cr Whiting said. 

“Monitoring over the last six month has demonstrated aeration has been effective in keeping a balanced mix of fresh and salt water, and maintaining healthy salinity levels. 

“Council will continue to aerate and monitor Beachmere Lake for the foreseeable future while work continues on the feasibility of a complete redesign of the tidal exchange system. 

“I want to see that residents can continue to enjoy Beachmere Lake now and well into the future.” 

Cr Whiting said council was also focused on drainage at Beachmere with the fast tracking of upgrades in Bishop Road, Campbell Parade, Bellay Road and Christen Drive. 

“Instead of being built over three years, the project is being fast tracked ahead of the storm season and the Weather Bureau's predictions of another wetter than usual summer for South East Queensland,” Cr Whiting said. 

“This stormwater infrastructure upgrade isn’t a panacea, but what it will do is move a bigger volume of water more quickly during heavy rainfall.” 

Work is expected to start in coming weeks on drainage improvements in Malcolm Street, Timothy Esplanade, Gavan Street and Bakers Flat Road with Moreton Bay Regional Council awarding a $280,000 contract to a locally based stormwater specialist.