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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

North Pine Dam Bursting Before Wet Season

Moreton Bay Regional Council is urging the Queensland Government to consider draining water from North Pine Dam ahead of the storm season. 

Mayor Allan Sutherland said the Weather Bureau’s predictions of another wet summer for South East Queensland were worrying for local residents and businesses downstream of the dam wall. 

“With North Pine Dam currently at 97 percent of capacity, you don't need to be an expert hydrologist to understand that people living and operating businesses in the area are very anxious about the expected return of the La Nina system and the summer storm season,” Mayor Sutherland said. 

"That's why I'll be writing to the Premier requesting serious consideration be given to lowering the level of North Pine Dam now, before the storm season arrives." 

Division 11 councillor Bob Millar said he accepted that North Pine wasn't a flood mitigation dam, but that shouldn't mean the water level can't be lowered when warranted by seasonal weather conditions. 

“It’s a stressful time for residents with many unconvinced changes to the dam’s operating manual will be sufficient to minimise the risk of flooding during a sustained storm or rain event over summer," Cr Millar said. 

“An orderly release of water from North Pine Dam ahead of the wet season would provide peace of mind for local residents and businesses, particularly those still recovering from January’s flood event.” 

“With North Pine Dam close to capacity, you only have to look at the state of repairs to AJ Wyllie Bridge to recognise the government should be doing all it can to minimise the risk of a repeat of the extraordinary events of January 2011,” Cr Millar said. 

“I agree with residents, releases from North Pine Dam should start sooner rather than later.”

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