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Monday, January 30, 2012

LNP: Armed robberies spread under Labor

THE long-term Labor government has been accused of throwing-in the towel on violent crime following the spate of 39 armed hold-ups across Queensland in the past month.

LNP Shadow Minister for Police, Corrective Services & Emergency Services John-Paul Langbroek said after 20 years, Labor had nothing to offer with retiring Police Minister Neil Roberts continuing his shameful denial of the rise in armed robberies.
“Thugs armed with handguns, knives, scissors and syringes are running rampant holding-up and terrorising small businesses, take-away stores and pubs with 39 armed robberies in the past 30 days after 29 in December,” Mr Langbroek said.
“But Anna Bligh and her Police Minister have walked away from tackling armed crime.
“Neither has any interest in grassroots crime prevention – increasing help to businesses considered ‘soft targets’ and bolstering frontline police numbers.
“All Labor wants to do is deny the facts – when the government’s own Police Statistical annual report confirms the rise in armed robberies.
“Of the 465 reported armed robberies in 2010/11, almost half, or 214 went unsolved.
“We need to be vigilant when it comes to armed robberies and armed violence.
“The LNP has promised to revitalise frontline police and provide a permanent major crime squad for the Gold Coast.
“After 20 years Labor and its silent local MPs still can’t get this right.
“It’s time for change. It’s time to get Queensland back on track.”